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September 2015
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Viovis Acropolis King of Cardboard [userpic]
I know a lot has happened

A bunch of changes have occured to this ug, some I notably regret. However, due to circumstances I must jump in, intervening on the situation at present. A post by someone who uses Scott Ramsoomair-related art in a userpic has been removed out of the principle, and I hate to do this, but it is Scott Ramsoomair's art that has spread hate toward Jack Thompson. That I do not forgive, and do not mind the use of characters such as Leo or Aeris as long as Aeris is in relation to emo-hero's flowergirl girlfriend, and Leo has something to do with that d00d who painted that chick that looked all calm and stuff.

I hate to throw regulations out, but upholding a killer look and appearance is at utmost importance. I've reposted one of said person's posts out of truce, however spreading hate towards presidential candidates, rappers, and fellow members of the ug is something that disappoints me, and is why I'm stepping in here so x to the o to the f a c e can remain neutral in said situation.