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September 2015
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xoface [userpic]
look 26 more? wqho knows baby?

because it flies... baby.... it friggen flies.... damnit stop flying d00d ik'm looking for a carousel where can i get that can of green tea dont sike with me baby that killa sharp baby face no i ain't sayuing your face be sharpless the contrast in it make it feel blasphemous baby i'm all'a saying i've ogtooa tell you weird kids with camcorders whered they gtet that quit recording life record no i'd say death but who carse the tim'es conming soon yo soon soononononononooooon baby look sharp like the tv remote, hit the tint, let that damn tint go up baby... i'll tell them what's up g....



I'M GONNA TELL YOU NOW SO I DON'T HAVE TO TELL YOU LATER... record htis wo so wo i may forgotet this you are the new messiah loook at htat raincoat daaayam person of male and/or female statute i'll have to say put a goddamn statue in your front porch of course label it a dream team you'll seem i don't scream about it talk about it

dont you be walk about it get talk to the coast line about dont whine bout it see me lean about it take this dime call yo sister tell her about it no i'm not talking about your sister tell her come hither i fix the ribbon in her hat could you tell it was all messed up you were too busy filing your files don't be in denials she can now go to the moon now that the ribbon in her hat is fixed yo dont be a frown she now wearin a crown

come here d00d or d33d i fix the ribbon in your hat too and i'll tell you how to make long runons and pass them opff as paragraphs all that expletive baby..