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Gamestuff, the stuff about games and stuff
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September 2015
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fighting game

here's some info on the fighting game

arcade mode: 8 enemies, then ray, then angel ray
(the plot is that ray is now emperor of heaven and for whatever reason your character isn't happy with this)

some characters:

ray - emperor of heaven (he turns into an angelic form for the final battle but only his human form is playable)
dron - prophet (he's ray's prophet, he specialises in fire attacks)
charles - emperor of metal (he works at the internet and invented ruby)
ruby - some AI (teleports around a lot and is all cybernetic and holographic)
glitch - a glitched out ruby (does not exist!!!)
kate - a cyborg demon hunter (formerly a farmer because i was on crack or something)
claude - a fat guy (all his attacks make him fall over)
jin - an emo kid (all his attacks damage himself, his highest level super instantly KOs himself)
(no name) - former emperor of heaven (he is really pissed at losing his job)
jan - viking, emperor of earth (he has a really really huge axe)
sarah - world-travelling warrior (jan's daughter)
calle - weapon-forging sorceror (used to date sarah in college)

some facts:
there's lots of super combomatic things and finishing moves, however, nothing takes off very much life so fights usually last a good long while.