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This is the ug where you tell us your news d00d or d33d, budding game designers, enthusiasts, all that expletive.. You wanna keep up withs this stuff yah? of course you do damnkt... iof course you do!!! why you wanna get into this ug of news and not other ugs? because we focus on important stuff..

and man, criticisam early? just because we have dogs under interests? dogs bark okay? they bark loud... damnit they bark.. that's why it's important to include them... time is eastern, not because of those east coasters, but because the more the east is the more future it is.....

Go look everywhere, but yuou ain't gonna find teh current events posted anywhere better, and be sure to subscribe to the feed, and get Opera because it works.


We know what we be talkin bout, go get em!!!